About Us

The official distributors of Farb-Gel-Spray in the UK for over 20 years.

Farb-Gel-Spray is an industry leader in legal self-defence solutions and has popularity in the UK and parts of Europe, helping over 1 million people feel safer.

The Fight Against Crime

Over the past 10 years the violent crime rate has tripled in England and Wales. The unfortunate reality is that nearly all of us during our lifetime will experience some form of assault. For this reason we believe that all men and women should carry Farb-Gel-Spray for extra protection.

Our Customers

The below are examples of the many people / departments that have chosen Farb-Gel Self-Defence Spray:

-Dog Walkers
-University Students and Student Unions
-Petrol Station Forecourts
-Registered and Recognised Security Firms
-Council Personnel
-NHS Staff and Healthcare Workers
-Neighbourhood Watch Associations
-Senior Citizens
-Delivery Drivers

TW1000: About the Brand

  • Certified Quality Control

    We are committed to complying with statutory and regulatory requirements in the manufacturing processes of all our products. Our planning, controlling and production are regularly checked and examined for ways to improve.

    In our modern laboratory, comprehensive analytics are all available under one roof. We make optimal use of the current possibilities of comprehensive quality assurance, including gas chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography.

    To assess product quality, our qualified staff continually carry out tests throughout all the production processes. Any products that do not comply with specifications are then removed from the process. This means we provide constant quality  assurance, from raw materials to the finished product.

  • Certified Environmental Management

    The protection of our environment and resources is paramount to us. Therefore, in the selection of raw materials for our products, we mainly use extracts of natural origin and always make sure that they comply with REACH regulations. We use neutral gases, such as nitrogen, as propellants for our aerosols. Recycling and proper disposal of aerosols is just as important to us, and waste separation is carried out according to a specific waste management plan.

    We comply with all statutory and regulatory standards concerning environmental management. In addition to this we comply with all the optional standards set out in ISO 14001, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and sustainable quality.